Mountain Girl, 2017


I'm an artist from North Dakota who has always been a lover of the natural world. I would collect rocks, kayak out on the lake to take photos of loons, stare at sunsets and the night sky, splash in the river, and play with bugs. I even made my own "makeup" out of crushed rocks when I was little. :P Starting my art journey at the age of about five, I doodled, colored, sewed, crocheted, wrote poetry, tie dyed, painted, and created my way through growing up. 


Horses and mermaids were my subjects of choice to draw in elementary school. Then taking art classes in middle school and high school, I usually incorporated nature into my work while also taking interest in the concept of surrealism. I went to college for art; my freshman year being at Minnesota State University Moorhead and then finishing and graduating from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and a minor in Psychology. Overall, I enjoyed learning techniques in design, drawing, printmaking, metalsmithing, and painting.

One of the most interesting classes was a nude life drawing course, which influenced my work for a while. In one of my classes my freshman year, I had to write a paper on color psychology and those ideas also stuck with me. I thought it was fascinating that color can affect our minds so much.

I also like to observe the way colors of nature work together and use that insight as a reference. My favorite complementary color pair is green and red. 


Since graduation in 2017, I have been doing a combination of freelancing it as an artist and working various healthcare jobs. 

One of the most influential periods for me and my artwork was when I lived in Salt Lake City during the summer of 2017 and was immersed into the freeing mountain and desert landscapes of Utah.

The feeling you get while hiking for miles, at elevation, exhausting your body but energizing your mind and soul while taking in the humbling mountains, is so awesome. 

Living on the west coast since 2018 has been an amazing opportunity to get involved with local art festivals and meet other artists in all mediums. I also sell online from my shop and enjoy taking commission requests. My work has evolved into a colorful illustration style, still deeply inspired by nature while intertwining spirituality and some psychological elements. I found that living in California sparked bright, lively pieces in correspondence with the many colorful florals and sunshine there. Purple, orange, and yellow are the first colors that come to mind. Western Washington has a more mellow, almost melancholy feeling that is filled with endless greens and blues. The connection to life and nature is wonderful here. 

I feel happy that I have been provided with such beautiful experiences that I can authentically translate to my artwork, while often times adding the psychedelic, surreal effect that I love. 

I really hope that my art can honor the spirit and beauty of God's creations, and encourage others to see the value, peacefulness, and beauty of the fruits of the earth as well :)


~Art is therapy ~ Nature is medicine~